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Assail Him, Impale Him, with Monster Truck Force

27 Nov

Ten points if you can summon the lyric that precedes that. It’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s awesome.

Anyway, still racing and pacing and plotting the course, still fighting and biting and riding on my horse.


Mind’s fried.

Wrote 8055 words today. Might be able to knock a few more out before I lose all control of my dwindling sanity.

Go me.

Edited for update: Finished the night at 8721 for the day, 41,194 words altogether for the month.


In Which Autumn Socks Me in the Eye

5 Oct

Ah, autumn is here. October. Why, it seems like only last week we were suffering triple-digit temperatures, afraid to open our windows late at night because it was still 90.

Oh, wait. That was only last week.

I’ve been pining for true autumn weather, shaking my fist at shimmering heat mirages on the road and saying, “I have sweaters and boots, and I’m not afraid to use them!”

The good news is that chilly temperatures arrived yesterday. The bad news is that any major change in the weather sets off doomsday alarms in my head, so I spent most of yesterday curled in a ball, clutching my head, and feeling psychedelic levels of sea sickness although I live near the desert. I had to drive my eldest to school early in the morning, and that was terrifying — I could see the road just fine, but my peripheral vision was full of swirling shadows, and my head was full of stabbing pains like acupuncture gone wrong.

So, no blogging yesterday. My only thought was, “Ouch,” the laptop screen was too bright for my eyes, and Mother Nature was standing over me with a baseball bat, saying, “You wanted to have your cake and eat it, too? Eh? Eh?”

Today is pain free so far (knocking wood), and I gleefully dressed in tall boots, a heavy cotton shirtdress, and a long cardigan to walk my son to school. I even made it back home minutes ahead of the rain, so my new boots didn’t melt. Gotta waterproof those things.

On the writing front, I’m trying to decide on a story for NaNoWriMo. Right now I’m contemplating a prequel set in the 1950s.

Quick Update

1 Oct

First, yay!


Second, when the first bakery was nothing bundt impossible to find, I did what I should have thought of sooner — went to my local independent bakery that makes the yummiest mini-cakes for a lot less money. It was twenty minutes until closing time, so only one flavor of cake remained — apple spice, not normally what I’d choose — but it was goooooooooood!

Swirling vortex of insane goodness

Don’t let its cupcake-like appearance fool you. That’s dense, moist, full-bodied cake! If you’re in the Temecula/Murrieta area, definitely check out Sweet Layers. Yum.