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Nathan Bransford’s 5th Sort-of-Annual Stupendously Ultimate 1st Paragraph Challenge

7 Feb

oracle cover 200 pxOnce again, I’ve joined the great slush pile experiment of glee. (Well, it’s genuinely fun for me.)

A few days ago I was able to type the magical words THE END on my second novel ever, and, to celebrate, I entered its first paragraph in Nathan Bransford’s challenge. I managed to make it in as paragraph number 29 of 869, so I’m excited that, if nothing else, most people will at least skim mine before their eyeballs blow out from fatigue. It may not register, they may not like it, but they’ll have read it, and, um…yay.

Here it is, for posterity:

Mid-tackle, feet in the air, Jim realized this was the stupidest thing he’d ever done. But it was too late. Cartoon characters could stop time, could backpedal and change direction as they fell. Lowlife vermin Jimmy Scott was no cartoon character.

From: The Tale of the Fugitive Phantasmic Oracle

A twelve-year-old runaway decides to pay “rent” on his woodland hideout by becoming fairy godkid to the family who owns the land – eavesdropping in order to grant wishes, serve as a human Ouija board, and perform anonymous good deeds from the tree tops. However, his “magic” keeps leading to disaster, winter’s on the way, and rumors are spreading that could lead to discovery by the stepfather he’d hoped to escape.