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NaNoWriMo: Over the Hill

22 Nov

I just passed forty thousand words, and I’m over one of the last hills, hoping to roll my way down the slope to 50k on sheer momentum. My protagonist is barefoot, being hunted by several parties, and has been spotted by a mysterious Scottish man who looks like a gunslinger. It’s snowing, and I think Protagonist is about to steal a cat.

The story is getting pretty bloated. There will be a lot of editing later on. Chris Baty had a good suggestion this week in a pep talk, and I hope to follow it. He said to do what you could to get to the incredibly motivating and validating words The End by November 30th. That you didn’t have to have a fully fleshed-out story to get to The End. You just had to map out the most essential scenes between where you are and where you need to end, and then write them, even if just in scaffolding form. (That may not have been his exact message, but it’s how I understood it, and, hey, it’s late.)

I hope I can get my scaffolding built without getting bogged down in too many details. Then I can hit 50k with a resounding The End and tears of joy. THEN I can go back and start coloring inside the lines in the comfortable knowledge that my book is not an open-ended fragment.

(And, somewhere in there, I’m hoping for lots and lots of sleep. Lots.)