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NaNoWriMo: Gremlins

3 Nov

Listen, All Y’all, this is sabotage.

Day 3: Laptop (which overheats at the drop of a hat, thanks HP) passes out.

Day 4: Laptop still out for the count — and is now out for repair. For who knows how long.

I’m thankful for remembering to email myself my latest draft yesterday (small as it is) before my laptop crashed, and I’m thankful to have this tiny netbook. It’s like typing into my rear view mirror — only see a few lines at a time — but it works. (I’d go pen and paper, but my hand cramps after a sentence or two, and I can type fast enough not to lose track of my thoughts.)

So, day four, less than six hundred words, and cruising on the computer equivalent of a mini-spare. I’m not giving up, though.

Wish me luck!