On the Bill for November…

7 Oct

Introducing Idea #1 for a NaNoWriMo masterpiece/wreck:

The View from Upper High Hog

Click here for a longer synopsis

Set in Arizona during the early years of the Cold War

An aging former Vaudevillian finds herself put out to pasture, fumbling between her perplexing new job as guardian to a Russian child and her misadventures trying to regain her former glory (not to mention a ticket back to New York) through playing what she dubs “The Jackalope Circuit.”

I’ve hammered out ten pages of notes. I’m full of the music, the images, the texture, and tons and tons of emotion. Now I just have to find a viable framework on which to drape it. Or maybe not “drape” — that implies some droopy slow bits.

Hopefully those notes and these fiddly unofficial graphics aren’t as far as the story goes.

P.S. I think my melodramatic character is getting jealous. Now they’re threatening me with truly awful developments when I return to my main novel. But, unlike when my kids act up, I think I’ll actually pay attention to this character.


One Response to “On the Bill for November…”

  1. Sam October 8, 2010 at 10:36 #

    I love these ideas! Happy writing! I laughed about the “drape” idea. 🙂

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