Hearing Voices Again

26 Sep

Writers often talk about epiphanies that hit them so strongly, they feel like they’re externally driven, like their characters have come to life and are bossing them around. I used to read that stuff, roll my eyes, and think, “Yeah, right. Self-indulgent, whimsical [expletive].”

And then it happened to me!

And it was awesome!!!!!!!!

So now I’m kind of a junkie for that self-indulgent, whimsical [expletive]. (And it’s your turn to use those terms about me.)

I have a character in my novel who’s big on bossing me around. This character is determined to have a miserable life. I try to write happy endings for [character], give [character] a good life. But no. [Character] won’t have any of that. Of course, the terrible things [character] inspires are actually quite delicious to write about, so maybe I’m giving [character] a better life by giving [character] a miserable storyline.

[Character] started off as a secondary bit player,  and now [character’s] one of the stars. I guess [character] knows what [character’s] doing.

(Forgive the brackets. I’m trying to avoid spoilers for those who’ve read bits of my early drafts.)

Anyway, that happened today. I set out to write about something entirely different, then I saw [character’s] picture in my story folder, a song came on iTunes, and whammo bammo slammo. A new tragic storyline.  Many weeps later, I’m dying to write these tragic scenes, but I’m nowhere near ready, and they’ll involve some research. (Gee, thanks, [character].)

School week’s starting up again. Let’s see if I get anything written at all.


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