Since the Dawn of the Beginning of History and Mankind…

22 Sep

Not much to say tonight. I’ve just been gazing at the harvest moon and pondering the phenomenon of the five-paragraph position paper. Seems my college years were full of those things. And, invariably, I began the first paragraph with some sweeping variation of, “Since the dawn of mankind,” or, “For hundreds of years…”

In the centuries since the Russo-Martian War, elephants have been afflicted with asteroids thrown by wrathful gods. This has been of great sorrow to the species. Many have died. Many have learned to play catch. Yet none of this would have happened if trade embargoes had been lifted between the Italian Alps and Ithilien.

First, we must examine Hannibal and the rise of the city-state…

Second, Faramir’s policies on conies and the Easterlings seriously bifurcated the paradigm…

Lastly, Nellie…

And so, in conclusion, neener.

I was big on passive voice and wordiness. I think I’m doing better on the former, if not the latter. But, man, I hated those nasty papers. I’m surprised I write at all after the horrors I suffered grinding those things out by the dozen.

No writing yet today. I hope to scrawl a few paragraphs in the short while remaining before sleep.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of losing my father. The last words I remember him saying were as he backed his car out of my driveway after a day’s visit. He rolled down the window, smiled, and said, “Look at the moon!” He died not long after reaching home. The whole Super Harvest Moon thing that’s going on today through Friday has me thinking about that. It’s appropriate. And tomorrow night, I’ll look at the moon just for him.


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