They Get It

18 Sep

Watching the intro to Ponyo the other day, my kindergartner told my first grader, “This is just the part to make you like it. Next comes the title.” He gets the concept of a hook.

Likewise, my first grader looked at me a few weeks ago and said, “There’s always a problem on these shows that they have to fix.” Conflict. Goals. Yes.

Good boys.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m happily carving out a final-final ending for my NaNo novel.  Endings are hard, but there’s no pressure on this one, and it’s fun looking back through the story for all the threads so I can braid them together into a pretty little bow.

I wrote today! I’m having ideas! Bernard Hermann’s haunting, ominous (hauminous?)  score for Vertigo is on endless loop, the setting sun is creating geometric patterns with light and shadow on the sepia-toned walls of my bedroom, and I have a bowl of gelato. It’s been a rough week, but this moment is achingly good. I’ll try to enjoy it.


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